Sister Wives: Fans Told Meri Brown She ‘Deserves So Much Better’

Sister Wives: Fans Told Meri Brown She 'Deserves So Much Better'

Sister Wives star Meri Brown encourages followers to “look fear in the face” and “do what can’t be done” amid her marital problems with Kody, as fans suspect she has finally left her husband.

Meri Brown, posted the cryptic quote on Instagram Tuesday, just days after being spotted with Kody for the first time in months.

The reality TV star titled a picture of her smile: “You gain strength, courage and confidence in every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face. You do what you think you can’t do”.

Instagram followers suspect that Meri Brown published the quote that makes her stronger because she left her husband.

One fan said, “Girl you should have left years ago, that relationship is just an emotional mental distortion. You deserve to be happy.”

A second commented, “I hope you find your soul mate and stop waiting for a man who doesn’t love, you deserve to be happy, so go find yourself a real good man.

Sister Wives: Fans Told Meri Brown She ‘Deserves So Much Better’

A third wrote: “I really hope you find the courage to leave Kody Brown! You’re beautiful and you deserve so much more.” A fourth said, “Find someone who loves you for the wonderful person you are!

A fifth wrote: “You look great! Are you and Kody Brown still together? I don’t see a ring…” Even though Meri Brown wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, she never wore it in recent photos. As Sister Wives fans know, Meri Brown and Kody Brown, 51, have been having marital problems for years.

He divorced Meri Brown in 2014 to marry the “favorite” and fourth wife Robyn, 41, so he could adopt her children from a previous marriage.

Meri Brown was then involved in a catfish scandal, where she fell in love with another man, who ended up becoming a woman. Meri Brown revealed in the most recent season of Sister Wives that their marriage has been “pretty difficult for a while”.

He admitted, “I’m sorry for what we had.” Meri Brown added, “The relationship that he and I had, it’s gone, it’s over. I want a relationship with him.”

He continued, “I feel like I’ve been deceived in a very different relationship from what I expected. Meri Brown and I had a quick courtship, with a lot of expectations and a lot of lack of communication”. Then, in April, Meri and Kody Brown ignored their 30th wedding anniversary on social media.

Bu gönderiyi Instagram'da gör

That's me. A dreamer. Focused on my goals. And I have a lot of them. Personal, business, relationships, I have them in all areas of my life. Some days I don't hit my daily goals. Some days I'm so productive I exceed them by leaps and bounds. And it's all up to ME. I'm the one who has my dreams. I'm the one who makes my goals. I'm the one who follows through with them. Or doesn't. That's all on me. And the goals that include someone else? Whether with my business associates or in my personal life, I can't force anyone to be who they're not, feel how they don't feel, or meet me anywhere they're not willing or able to meet me. And that's ok. I'll be here for them when they are. I can only control me and how I respond or react to any given situation. I make my own choices and I'm responsible for them. They say life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. My reactions aren't always the best, and that doesn't define me. But I'm still in the game. I haven't quit. Living life on a daily basis, working hard, dreaming big. Because that's what I do. That's what I'll always do. That's who I am. 💪💪💪 #LivingMyWhy #BecauseICan #LoveWhatIDo #LoveWhoIAm #StrongWoman #Dreamer #Fighter #TheGreatOutdoors #Nature #LuLaRoeLiv

Meri Brown (@therealmeribrown)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

The two were seen together for the first time in months on social media when it appeared on Meri Brown’s live video on Facebook last week. Meri, who shares her daughter Mariah with Kody Brown, was told by her husband that he looked “tired”.

Kody Brown could then be heard in the background: “I don’t know what it is… the stress. I’m meditating. I’m exercising. I’m working.”

Fans suspect Kody Brown is in quarantine with Robyn, just like he wasn’t spotted with Meri on social media.

Written by Meghan Mentell

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