Sister Wives: Janelle Early Thoughts on Polygamy

Sister Wives: Janelle Early Thoughts on Polygamy

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seems to be the voice of reason in the family, especially when it comes to Kody Brown. These four wives who share a husband appeared on the TLC reality show a decade ago. From the beginning, you could see that their personalities were as different as night and day.

When the big Brown family first came out of Utah in the dark of night and crept into Las Vegas, a local newspaper interviewed the family. Immediately fans could see the very different personalities of Kody’s women.

Sister Wives: Janelle Early Thoughts on Polygamy

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown each had a thought about polygamy. Some of them were more serious than others. Particularly when they talked about their common husband and plural marriage. Janelle said she didn’t like the idea of people seeing it as a lifestyle dominated by the patriarch.

While Janelle sees Kody as the glue that holds the Sister Wives together, the word patriarch has a negative connotation for her. Janelle describes how very independent she is. So, even though people think they are ruled by Kody, women always have a say. First, the followers of the Sister Wives see Christine as the wife who is very interested in Kody’s pleasure. After Janelle despised the word “patriarch”, Christine Brown interfered.

She seemed to reject Janelle’s thoughts and said she felt that their family is “very patriarchal. Then she said that’s what she wanted. Then she added her desire to be “a princess in life”. The undercurrent of personality clashes between the nuns’ wives seemed to pop up even then. At the time of this interview, the first season has just ended.

Then, if we move on to season 13 of Sister Wives, Kody insists that he is the leader of the family. Once again, Kody’s wives all agree with him and claim that this is the way their plural marriage works. So when you hear what the fans are saying about the scenes, you can understand why. There seem to be discrepancies from one season to the next.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Women Laugh It Up

During this interview, all the Sister Wives except Robyn showed a sense of humor. Meri got some laughs out of what she said about their lifestyle. Meri warned that this kind of marriage is not for everyone and should not “be tried at home”, she joked. Janelle kept things light too.

Robyn, who seemed more serious than carefree during the interview, also offered her thoughts. She said you have to know the limits and rules of plural marriage to be successful. She also said that a husband with many Sister Wives can’t be a pussy. Apparently Robyn sees that Kody has what it takes to handle four women.

Robyn came into the family a few years before this interview. When Robyn answered questions during interviews during the first seasons of Sister Wives, some fans were against it. Mostly questions related to the history of their plural marriage to Kody Brown. But today, with 10 years of marriage to the big family, the fans don’t seem to care so much.

Written by Emma Fisher

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