Sister Wives: Kody Inserts Foot In Mouth

Sister Wives: Kody Inserts Foot In Mouth

Sister Wives star Kody Brown often seems to bypass that adult filter, the one where you pause before your ridiculous thoughts pop out. A lot of things have come out of her mouth in the past. But it’s the staggering statements that the audience on her TLC reality show remembers so well.

Of all the snafus he’s done in the past, this one stands out as one that stands out. This also speaks of the “selfish” side of Kody that many fans claim to have seen during the decade of Sister Wives seasons.

Sister Wives: Kody Inserts Foot In Mouth

If you’ve ever wondered how genuine it is sometimes, well, you can hear it in his own words in an archived video. For a decade, the Sister Wives series has entertained those intrigued by a man with four wives. Many people wonder how this man manages the needs of these four women when the cameras stop shooting. A while back Kody shared just how he handles his four Sister Wives spouses. While he talks in the interview video below, you can almost be ashamed of him.

He seems to think his strategy is a good one. The patriarch of the Sister Wives offers that to all the husbands out there. After all, most husbands only deal with one spouse. So, he seems to consider himself some kind of expert at keeping the wives’ content.

Sister Wives: Faking It Works For Papa Brown?

Kody Brown seems to think this is the best way to maintain harmony between the women he married. The key word in his tactic is “validation,” according to the leader of the Sister Wives.

Now comes the part where you could almost feel embarrassed for all five adults in this Sister Wives plural marriage. Kody says so with all four wives listening. So, you can only imagine what the trip home was like after that.

He tells the interviewer when a wife comes to him with her complaints, he knows what to say. If one of his sister wives says “I’m so sore” from training, he tells her that he’s so sorry “baby” that you’re hurting.

When he hears – “Honey, I missed you so much today because you weren’t there and you were with another wife,” he has one for that too. Kody Brown will say, “I’m so sorry,” and then he’ll end up saying, “It must be really hard for you when I’m not around.” As you can see in the screenshots above, it seems that only one in four wives found it funny. It looks like three of the four faces look puzzled at most.

Okay, it looks like Kody Brown said he’s faking his reaction to his wives. Apparently he’s thinking, “You don’t have to be that guy.” Instead, he’s acting like one to keep things balanced. He also says, “you don’t have to be the boss.” Sounds like he’s gonna say that, believe it or not. Sister wives share her husband calls this validation and claims he’s worked hard for it.

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