Sister Wives: Meri Sprouts Wings and Flies

Sister Wives: Meri Sprouts Wings and Flies

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks more like someone who secretly joined forces with Kody Brown despite her saga of farewell messages online. If Meri Brown was planning on getting away from Kody Brown, that incident in the therapist’s office would have done it for most wives. But she’s still there.

Sister Wives: Meri Sprouts Wings and Flies

The other three Sister Wives ladies don’t seem to publish anything that would shake the boat. Although Christine tends to unintentionally upset fans from time to time. But Robyn Brown has disappeared off the face of the virtual earth when it comes to social media posts.

Then there’s Janelle Brown who is gardening and exercising these days. If you didn’t know that Janelle and Christine Brown are the wives of Kody Brown, you certainly wouldn’t get that impression from their online posts on Sister Wives. Both of them appear as single mothers these days from the look of their posts.

Meri Brown, on the other hand, continued this theme of leaving her husband shared by Sister Wives for a long, long time. She never says she left Kody by name. But she posts a lot of messages that seem to suggest that’s what she’s about to do. But it’s not.

Whatever the Sister Wives original matriarch messages are, fans will read something into them. Meri Brown built a story through her cryptic messages. She sounds like a woman in an ungrateful marriage.

Maybe she’s afraid to leave her family and be alone. That’s what some of her messages suggest. These messages of hers seem to indicate that she’s either at the height of her separation from Kody or has already jumped ship. Don’t forget that Meri Brown never mentions the name “Kody” in her messages. It’s all done in cryptic messages.

Plus she adds subtle hints. Fans collect those clues that seem planted, like when photos of her resurfaced without faith. Then she posts messages that seem to indicate the joys of independence. It doesn’t take long for fans to take the bait, and “Meri Leaves Kody” pops up on the front page.

Robyn Brown may have a million reasons not to publish online today. One of them might be that she won’t get involved. Maybe she’s not happy with the Sister Wives saga her co-spouse creates with her messages. It seems like whatever Meri is doing is working to keep fans interested between seasons.

When Kody Brown basically dismissed his marriage to Meri Brown as something he was dragged into, the fans were stunned. Meri didn’t seem that recovered. Even though she said she wondered where it came from.

As Kody said some hard things about Meri last season, Meri seemed to react differently than you might expect. At one point, after therapy sessions, she said to the camera, “Tell me what I’m doing wrong and how I can change.

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