Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is the Leader

Sister Wives: Kody Is the Leader

Sister Wives celeb Janelle emerged without battle wounds, unlike her three co-wives after Kody Brown’s antics last season. Janelle Brown seemed to emerge from last season as the only wife untouched by the wrath of her common husband. She has also not become a target for other women as her co-wives have reached new heights.

Kody’s second wife also avoided bad fan comments, unlike her husband and three co-wives. It seems that the only person on this Sister Wives show who overcame a difficult and unpainted season is Janelle.

Janelle Knew the Ground Rules

Janelle Brown admitted in the book written by the five Brown spouses that when she joined the Kody Sister Wives family she didn’t love her as a wife. She also said she didn’t love Kody like a wife loves her husband.

Although there is definitely love between the two today, it doesn’t seem like the kind of heated romantic love. It seems more like the kind of love shared between family members. But – Janelle Brown and Kody Brown had six children together.

Moving on and having as many children as possible, seems to be one of the mottos of the Sister Wives’ religious beliefs. So there was some intimacy between Janelle Brown and Kody.

Yet, as Janelle Brown describes the book published by the family, The Making of Sister Wives, she entered into this marriage with Kody knowing what to expect from him. But it sounds like she was Sister Wives’ only wife who followed the original plan.

Sister Wives: Kody Is the Leader

Saying that Kody runs this family and letting him run it are two different things. From the beginning, a couple of wives have had trouble with their husband’s infatuation with Robyn Brown. While this started before Robyn Brown married Kody, sometimes it still seems to resurface.

When the younger wife signed up for this marriage in the Sister Wives plural, she said it was the total package she wanted. Robyn Brown was in love with the family dynamic of having three co-wives in this Sister Wives lifestyle.

But she didn’t act that way when it came to Kody. The online reports put Robyn on Kody’s time. However, we don’t know if Robyn Brown is orchestrating all this or if it’s all Kody’s decision which wife spends the most time with him.

In the season just ended, Christine, Meri and Robyn Brown all seemed to be competing for Kody’s attention. Janelle never showed up for it. The other three wives also felt the wrath of Kody. Then, on occasion, they pitted themselves against each other. But Janelle stayed away.

Christine Brown was her husband’s list for canceling the one big house. From Christen’s report, he stayed angry with her for quite some time. Robyn Brown argued with her common husband over rent or house purchase. A lot of tears shed for that event.

Then Meri Brown was belittled and humiliated by Kody, who basically said he tricked him into marrying her. During their counseling session, she said some horrible things.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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