Sister Wives: Kody Talks Sister Wives Being Scripted

Sister Wives: Kody Talks Sister Wives Being Scripted

Kody Brown and his four brides on Sister Wives had a tough season. Every week, fans watch the family squabbles and squabbles, with relationships seemingly destroyed only to stay together to fight another day.

However, when he responded to the accusation that he wrote the script for Sister Wives, Kody quickly shot him down.

Someone on Twitter posted that he was glad Maddie Brown shared her pregnancy with the Sister Wives because the house drama was getting old.

Maddie is so thankful that she shared her pregnancy because we’re all tired of this house buying drama. Ugh.”

This season Sister Wives has seen many of the wives and Kody’s quarrels about his idea for One House housing.

Kody Brown thought the family would be better served in a house with four wings – each wife lived in one. Most wives wanted to live in their own house, and this was not good for Kody, who always believed that his ideas were the best.

This also led to one of the biggest fights of the season. Kody and Robyn Brown got into it when he wanted her to buy a new house, away from everyone else, instead of renting one, until they were able to have neighboring houses built by each other.

Kody even hinted that it would be okay for him to break up his marriage to Robyn Brown if she didn’t agree with his way of thinking. It’s either Kody’s way of thinking or the highway in his marriages, apparently.

The biggest drama came this season with Meri Brown. Both she and Kody have admitted that their relationship is over, but the big news is that she won’t leave for the boys’ sake.

The Sister Wives’ family is also dealing with social distance during the coronavirus pandemic, and they meet in video chat instead of in person.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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