’Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Trip With Friends

’Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Trip With Friends

Meri Brown loves to go on adventures and has been doing so a lot lately. Her work in MLM has allowed her to travel and meet new people. Recently, she had the opportunity to travel again and connect with some of the most amazing people she has ever seen.

First wife of Kody Brown, Meri’s life has been filled with ups and downs. Fans first met her in 2010. She was the main recruiter who connected her husband, Kody, with his second wife, Janelle, and fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Janelle was initially married to Meri’s brother. However, the two divorced because of their differences. It was at that point that Janelle decided to consider joining a plural family.

As for Robyn Brown, Meri Brown saw her at an event and urged her husband to ask her to dance with him. In time, Kody married Robyn and the family grew. Unfortunately, while the other wives gave birth to more than one child, Meri gave birth to only one.

This cost her greatly in emotional and mental terms. Seeing this, Robyn Brown offered her a hand. She wanted to be a surrogate mother for Meri. Meri appreciated this, but she knew that her marriage was moving apart.

She felt a lot of pressure from Kody and her baby, but still declined the offer. Eventually, she went the catfishing route. Her family was able to forgive her, but nothing was ever the same again.

’Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shares Trip With Friends

Meri Brown found joy in working as a LuLaRoe dealer. This helped her purchase an inn that had belonged to the family for years. Lizzie’s inn has given her the opportunity to meet incredible people. She recently had the opportunity to attend a retreat with these wonderful people.

She shared her experience on Instagram and many fans were thrilled to see her. This event was organized by two people and Meri was happy that she did her best to make it a reality.

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