Sister Wives: Meri Brown Starts Her Boxing Journey

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Starts Her Boxing Journey

Meri Brown knows no boundaries. The reality star has tried her hand at many different things. Whether it’s adventure sports, fun outings with friends or the life she’s always wanted.

Sister Wives fame is no longer a creature of witchcraft. The First Wife has learned a lesson to relive her journey. Her recent Instagram post speaks to the caliber and impact of growth. Meri Brown is starting to fight for herself. And fans are surprised to see her boxing skills.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Starts Her Boxing Journey

Although Meri Brown has fought many battles in her life, she has few left. The reality star wants to fight for herself. There have been times when Brown has played down her emotions. Back then, the first wife had little voice. Fans rarely saw her strength. But things have changed for good now, as the first wife summons the courage to fight.

Recently, Meri posted a picture of herself on Instagram. The reality star was wearing boxing gloves and was captured punching a bag. The photo depicted the fierce personality of a lone wolf. And she appeared ready to fight anything that could stand in her way. The TLC personality attended a business retreat hosted by the brilliant Danelle Delgado.

Meri Brown noted that she was boxing for the first time. However, she was not the strongest or most experienced. Nor did she understand the point of the sport. The Sister Wives celebrity wanted to delve deeper and learn more. Meri asked Danelle if she had to imagine anyone while boxing.

Well, it’s considered one of the tactics or tools. Delgado, however, replied that Meri Brown should fight for herself. The reality star noted that she dreams, plans and has people behind her. The former went on to talk about her inner strength and self-confidence. Meri also told her followers that she is open to the next door, the next step and tremendous success. The loner has proclaimed himself boundless.

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