Sister Wives: What Will Happen To Christine Brown’s Shares Of Flagstaff?

Sister Wives: What Will Happen To Christine Brown’s Shares Of Flagstaff?

Christine Brown’s decision to leave her husband of more than 20 years, Kody Brown, didn’t come as much of a shock to Sister Wives fans. In fact, they had foreseen the split for a long time.

However, over the past week, viewers have been trying to pinpoint when things really went wrong. Some fans are convinced that Kody and Christine were unhappy at the beginning of their marriage. Others are convinced that the fight over Coyote Pass was the last straw. The latter theory seems to be justified.

One of the working theories of the family’s followers is that Christine decided to abandon the Brown family because of disagreements over Coyote Pass. The family had spent most of several seasons of Sister Wives fighting over property. TLC has never been shy about capturing the family’s most tense moments.

Fans theorise that it all came to a head when Christine made it clear she had no desire to move to the country. Her ambition to move back to Utah seemed to have sealed the deal.

Fans of the series may remember that Christine melted down when the rest of the family rejected her idea to move back to Utah. According to family watchers, Christine’s emotion may have been less about Utah and more about the idea of living near her siblings for the first time in several years.

While moving to Flagstaff may have been a bad idea for a variety of reasons, Brown family followers believe the move did have one positive outcome. The family’s indecision about the property they bought also helped things move forward.

Fans on several social media platforms note that Christine Brown seemed to thrive when she lived away from the rest of the Brown family. Most importantly, she seemed to enjoy managing her home as an independent entity.

Followers of the family theorize that once Christine was not in direct contact with Kody and his Sister Wives on a daily basis, she realized the importance of her independence and freedom. If true, this would also explain why she was so resistant to the idea of moving to the estate. Christine seemed to oppose both the idea of building one big house and the idea of a home community.

Sister Wives: What Will Happen To Christine Brown’s Shares Of Flagstaff?

The parcel of land that the Brown family bought in 2018 was divided into four separate parcels. Each of the spouses owns one parcel with Kody Brown. The Browns argued to ensure that all things were equal in their pluralistic marriage.

Now, however, fans can’t help wondering what Christine Brown is doing with her parcel. After all, she doesn’t have one now that she’s left Flagstaff to settle back in Utah. According to the probate records, Christine owned a single-family home in Flagstaff. She is part owner of one parcel, but Kody is not the only other person on the deed. Both Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are co-owners of the parcel with Christine. Although Christine has put her house on the market, she does not appear to have made any final decisions about the property. At least nothing has been disclosed yet.

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