Sister Wives: Christine Brown Takes On A New Multi-Level Marketing Business

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Takes On A New Multi-Level Marketing Business

Even though Christine and Kody Brown were only “spiritually” married, their divorce is still painful for the couple. The patriarch of Sister Wives is responsible for a total of 18 children. So it’s hard to say whether he will continue to support his children with Christine Brown after their separation.

After a large polygamous family, Christine Brown has moved to live alone with her young daughter Truely. She has struggled to earn a living and has started to sponsor a number of MLM companies. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Takes On A New Multi-Level Marketing Business

Christine and Kody Brown have six children together, the youngest being 19-year-old Ysabel and 11-year-old Truely. Now that Christine has left the famous polygamists, she has started a new life with Truely in Utah. The rest of the children are living away from home for studies and work.

The divorced couple have said they will continue to co-parent their children. But with all the problems Christine and Kody Brown have, it’s hard to say whether the latter will help her financially. This means that she has to support her children, who live away from home because of their studies, and her little daughter Truely.

As she has no previous experience of living alone, fans think Christine Brown may find it difficult to be a single mother. The TV star does not currently have a job and seems to rely on a number of businesses and social media to make a living.

Unfortunately, she is increasingly partnering with (Multi-Level Marketing) companies than she used to. His Instagram is currently full of ads and promotions. As it stands, many social media users are not exactly supportive of Multi-Level Marketing companies, especially after a recent documentary went viral. So Christine has received a lot of hate for her recent social media activity.

Well, fans understand that his social media presence remains the only source of easy money. Many of them also empathise with the Sister Wives star as they watch her struggle to earn a living. However, they also advise Christine to work rather than support Multi-Level Marketing. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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