Teen Mom 2: Amber and Jenelle Evans Are Exchanging Jabs On Social Media.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle And Amber Are Exchanging Jabs On Social Media.

Jenelle Evans is responding to fellow contestant Amber Portwood by questioning why she was fired for her behavior, but Amber is still allowed to film after multiple arrests for domestic violence. Both of these women have had rough roads during their time on the show, and fans are divided on their opinions of both.

Amber and Jenelle Evans have both been in and out of jail, and suffer from mental illness. In Teen Mom season 1 of her show, Jenelle Evans acknowledged that she wasn’t ready for motherhood, and signed over custody of her son to his mother. She seemed to think she would get custody back soon, however she still does not have custody of him 12 years later.

This remains a point of contention between her and her mother. Like Jenelle Evans , Amber also does not have custody of her daughter Leah, whom she shares with her ex Gary Shirley. Amber lost custody after she was arrested and sentenced to prison for drug possession. This came after she was arrested for domestic violence for attacking Gary in front of Leah.

She seemed to be out of prison having turned over a new leaf, taking bipolar medication, and even welcoming a child with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Amber later lost custody of her son after attacking Andrew with a machete while holding him. She also has a strained relationship with her daughter who feels Amber always puts men before her.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle And Amber Are Exchanging Jabs On Social Media.

In an Instagram Live, Jenelle Evans lashed out at Amber for calling her trash, questioning whether she is still allowed to film with MTV. As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jenelle doesn’t think it’s fair that she was fired because of her attorney while Amber is still allowed to be on the show despite having similar issues.

During the live broadcast, Jenelle Evans talked about Amber’s machete incident and her relationship issues with her daughter, saying it’s hypocritical for Amber to insult her with all these skeletons in her closet. She claims she was fired for no reason, while Amber is allowed to stay after multiple outbursts. Jenelle went on to say that she knows everyone in the cast hates her, but she doesn’t know why, especially since Amber and Andrew used to date her and her husband David Eason. While Jenelle doesn’t think it’s fair that Amber is still filming, she says she doesn’t hold it against Amber since she’s not the one making these decisions.

Later on during the live video, Jenelle stated that a lot has changed in her life that she would like fans to be able to see. She claims that she has grown as a person, and much of the toxicity in her life is now gone. Fans will remember the tumultuous relationship she had with her ex Nathan Griffith and how horribly her mother and David got along.

According to Jenelle, everyone in her life gets along now and there is very little drama in her family life. She’s upset that fans haven’t seen her change her life, but she also admitted that filming was very traumatic for her. Although she thinks her firing was unfair, she’s not exactly begging MTV to hire her back.

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