Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Scammed By Company

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Scammed By Company

Jenelle Evans‘ latest collaboration has soured after the Teen Mom 2 star called out the company for scamming her and her followers. Jenelle tagged the brand in question and told people not to follow it, but the company responded and refuted Jenelle’s claims.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Scammed By Company

There’s drama simmering on social media right now between Jenelle and a company known as CelluLight. The Teen Mom 2 alum took to Instagram on Tuesday to blast the brand after receiving complaints from customers who have ordered their product but have yet to receive it.

Jenelle had been promoting the brand and urging her 2.8 million Instagram followers to try the products. However, the claims are that when people ordered from the company, their orders were not sent so Jenelle’s followers have been complaining to her since she promoted the company.

After receiving the reports, Jenelle blasted the brand in her story and told her fans not to follow the page. “If you’re following @cellulite.official please go unfollow,” wrote the reality TV personality. “I have been receiving messages that people’s orders aren’t being delivered. I’m sorry for anyone who was scammed, so was I. Make sure to request a refund.”

After catching wind of Jenelle’s post, CelluLight had a few things to say and took to Instagram to blast the former Teen Mom 2 star.

The company denied any wrongdoing and responded to Jenelle Evans by saying, “You tell your community that we are [a] scam on the pretext that you did not receive our payment when we sent you proof. You are lying to your community, you have not received any complaint message.” “All orders are delivered as we always have,” they added.

In another post, CelluLight continued to lash out at Jenelle and claimed that she only cares about money. They also accused her of trying to tarnish their brand.

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