Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Husband David Eason Has Been Arrested

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Husband David Eason Has Been Arrested

Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been going through some tough times this year. Now, with the recent turn of events, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

As Jenelle’s followers are well aware, she has been trying to make a living with a number of her self-employed ventures since the reality TV personality was fired from MTV. Unfortunately for Jenelle, not all of these ventures have turned into lucrative livelihoods for herself and her husband David Eason. In fact, according to The Sun, Jenelle and David Eason have had a bit of a run-in with the taxman. In June 2020, it emerged that David and Jenelle Evans had received a withholding tax claim for 2017 in the amount of $46 606.70.

To date, the massive tax bill is still unpaid, according to the courthouse. For Jenelle and her family, it has been one hook after another. David Eason and Jenelle Evans’s failed self-employed businesses include his make-up line, podcasts, David’s handmade knives. But lately, Jenelle’s new clothing collection has all somehow blown up in the former reality star’s face.

Over the weekend, there were high hopes for Jenelle and David’s latest business plan. They started hinting at a new clothing collection designed by Jenelle, which will be launched on November 17.

But disaster struck Jenelle and David Eason once again. On November 12, Jenelle Evans tearfully took to Instagram to announce that her life was once again in turmoil. Jenelle tearfully states that she has to thank all her haters!

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Husband David Eason Has Been Arrested

Jenelle Evans reveals that her new clothing collection is no longer going because “her haters” approached her partner company with their anger and lies. There was so much of it that, according to Jenelle Evans, the company decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and cancelled Jenelle’s contract before the clothes were launched. As if one day wasn’t enough for Jenelle Evans, her husband David got into trouble with the police again on Friday night. Columbus County, NC court records show that David Eason was arrested Friday night. Charges so far include DWLR (Driving While License Revoked) speeding, expired license plates and registration, and open container.

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