Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood Calls Out Andrew As A Liar

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood Calls Out Andrew As A Liar

The custody battle between Amber Portwood and the father of her former child Andrew Glennon continues. The dispute between the two is getting uglier by the day.

Amber Portwood claims she has no intention of backing down on Glennon. In fact, the more accusations he makes against her, the bigger the feud gets.

Glennon recently claimed that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood used drugs while pregnant with the former couple’s son James. She is now asking a judge to order Portwood to submit to a hair hair drug test. Andrew not only claims that Amber used drugs while pregnant with James, but he also claims he has reason to believe that she is still using, namely amphetamines.

Teen Mom OG: Amber Portwood Calls Out Andrew As A Liar

As previously reported, Glennon reveals in recent court documents that during a recent custody exchange, he witnessed Amber behaving in a paranoid and irrational manner.

She describes Amber Portwoodr’s behavior on October 16 as unstable and frantically talking. She adds that his appearance was very dirty. Andrew goes on to say that Amber felt as if she was being “staking” by two cars parked nearby.

He also adds that in recent social media videos of Amber, she can be seen appearing to be in a cloud with dilated pupils. In addition, she claims that even fans commented on her appearance.

Amber Portwood denies all recent drug allegations madae against her by ex Andrew Glennon. She claims that she has never failed a drug test. She adds that she only uses prescription drugs and only in therapeutic doses. In addition, Amber Portwood claims in court documents that Andrew Glennon continues to make such accusations against her in an attempt to paint her in a continually negative light.

It has been a difficult summer for Amber. He says he is trying to make amends with his daughter Leah. He claims that he and Leah haven’t spoken much in months.

Amber Portwood claims she’s doing her best to stay positive about the issue, fans think it’s pretty hard to know that your daughter holds so much resentment towards you. Portwood maintains she won’t give in, but she and Leah’s father Gary Shirley aren’t forcing the issue. He believes in time Leah will come around.

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