1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman’s Big Decisions

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman’s Big Decisions

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that more and more fans are asking Amy Slaton if she had her fallopian tubes tied after the birth of her second son, Glenn. Tying her tubes would be a major life decision and many of her fans think she has done it. We have more on this life decision.

1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Halterman’s Big Decisions

Amy Slaton Halterman has always wanted to start a family with her husband Michael Halterman and now they have two adorable boys. When Amy first appeared on the show, she mentioned that she was keen to have a family, but because of her weight, doctors were a little unsure whether she should try. They told her it was better to lose weight first and then start having children. In true Amy Slaton Halterman fashion, she didn’t wait and announced she was having a baby. Their first son, Gage, truly changed their lives.

Since having children, Amy Slaton has really juggled some other life decisions. When she had Gage and started filming the show again, she mentioned that it was hard for her to be a mom and work on the show. This led many fans to believe that she was not going to be involved next season. She feels that she made the decision to be a mother and was unaware of how hard it was for her to film a reality show.

Amy Slaton is quite vocal about her life to her fans and she has said that she is quite happy with her boys at the moment. When one of her fans asked her about getting girls, she replied: “I’m ok. I’m happy with my boys. I’m getting my tubes tied.” Amy hasn’t given any details about it yet, but from what we’ve seen, it seems she wanted two kids and now she’s happy with that.

She’s still dealing with some health issues, which may also keep her from having more children. She has high blood pressure and diabetes, and this combination made pregnancy quite difficult for her. Fans can easily understand why she wants to have her tubes tied.

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