1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Has Agenda for Weight Loss?Chris Combs1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Reality TV is a staple of the small screen, and TLC is home to many of the successful programmes that fans love to watch. A fan favorite in recent years has been 1000-lb Sisters. 1000-lb Sisters is one of the most addictive reality series, and it’s all thanks to the Slaton sisters. Like other reality shows, some of what we see is exaggerated, but between family strife, massive health problems and relationship drama, things get very real in this show.

Their journey has been a remarkable one, but so has that of their brother Chris Combs. Some before-and-after pictures have been storming the internet and we want to shed some light on his amazing transformation.

In January 2020, the 1000-lb Sisters started at TLC and it didn’t take long to draw audiences into the Slaton Sisters’ vortex. The duo was meant for the small screen and after the clips went viral on social media, the show became must-watch TV for many. Starring Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the show focused on the sisters changing their lifestyles to get quick weight loss bariatric surgery. Amy Slaton managed to pull it off, but Tammy Slaton has had a much harder road.

Throughout the show’s three seasons, there have been many ups and downs the three seasons of the series. Not only have the sisters had to endure massive lifestyle changes, but health complications, family drama, and even new family members have all contributed to the series and created unforeseen chaos in their lives. As a result, the show has been hugely entertaining for all 28 episodes.

The Slaton sisters’ journey has been fascinating to follow, but they’re not the only people who have consistently lost weight on the show.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Chris Combs, their older brother, has also changed his lifestyle. Combs was a latecomer to the show, but once he got going, he began to make significant progress towards getting his bariatric surgery. During the testimony, Combs touched on why he embarked on his weight loss journey.

Although there were setbacks, Chris Combs was able to achieve his weight loss goals, which led to his bariatric surgery being approved. From there, Combs went under the knife, embarking on a whole new lifestyle.

It’s been quite some time since Chris Combs underwent the surgery that helped him lose the weight, and according to a look on social media, the change has paid off.

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