‘1000-lb Sisters‘: So Where Is The Reality Tv Star Right Now?

‘1000-lb Sisters‘: So Where Is The Reality Tv Star Right Now?

Fans expect a big change in Tammy Slaton’s behaviour in season 4. That’s because they’ve been looking for her whereabouts. And her disappearance seems to have shaken fans’ faith in her. So every viewer has different beliefs. Meanwhile, some firmly believe that Tammy Slaton has made serious progress.

‘1000-lb Sisters‘: So Where Is The Reality Tv Star Right Now?

The TLC star’s health has been a big debate among fans. And most of them have a feeling that Tammy Slaton isn’t doing as well as she used to.

Well, that’s because last season, fans saw the 35-year-old become addicted to vaping. In addition, she started eating too much junk, mainly pizza, which wasn’t fresh. In the same way, the people he travelled with and called friends didn’t care about his health habits.

Hence Miss Slaton had this vicious circle of unhealthy and perishable qualities. So her disappearance provokes rumours that she is not alive.

However, some fans feel that Tammy Slaton is actually doing well. And in the last season, she has lost weight. And so, to the surprise of viewers, Tammy is making HUGE progress. Likewise, her progress will probably be reflected in part four. And so, to hide from the leaks of the progress, TLC has probably advised Tammy Slaton to go no-weight.

Meanwhile, due to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), the 1000-lb Sisters celebrities cannot disclose any important personal details that could be aired on the show. Neither family member is allowed to leak details. So fans have a lot to process for now. But only Tammy can alleviate the situation. Moreover, if something serious had happened to Tammy, her family members would have informed the fans.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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