1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Release Date

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Release Date

The popular TLC show 1000 Lb Sisters is ready to return for a 3rd season after two seasons. The Slaton sisters have been struggling to shed the pounds. In previous seasons, Amy Slaton managed to move forward in her life by losing weight and raising a family.

Tammy Slaton, on the other hand, continues to struggle as she struggles to lose weight. In the third season, the 34-year-old will enter rehab to control her food addiction. However, fans speculate that she has probably gained more weight than she has lost since entering rehab.

Season 2 was about Amy’s weight loss and starting a family. Now she is the mother of a beautiful baby and her responsibilities have increased. Her sister had to go to rehab to lose weight because she needed someone to take care of her. But the season 3 trailer has something different. TLC fans hint that Tammy Slaton may have put on a few pounds.

Since Tammy Slaton is not strict about her diet, her attempts to lose weight fail every time. Even the fans can see that. Thus, the TV star receives criticism because she lies a lot and her body does not hint at her reduced weight.

TLC viewers also mocked her and said that she always finds a way to get extra food. Well, when season 3 hits the screens, we will finally find out if going to rehab has helped Tammy Slaton at all or not.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 will be released on 15 November and fans’ excitement is at its peak. Previous seasons have shown the Slaton sisters’ weight-loss journey. While season 1 showed the sisters’ struggle to qualify for bariatric surgery, season 2 brought a change for viewers. In the second season, the doctor advised Tammy Slaton to lose weight or she would die.

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