1000-lb Sisters: The Rocky Relationship of Amy Slaton And Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: The Rocky Relationship of Amy Slaton And Tammy Slaton

Amy and Tammy Slaton are often pitted against each other when it comes to the 1000-lb Sisters, and fans of the true-life series have made it clear that they play favourites.

While Amy and Tammy Slaton have a loving sisterhood, the dynamics of the pair become complicated when it comes to the duo’s opposing weight-loss journey. From Tammy Slaton’s inability to take responsibility to Amy’s role as her sister’s caregiver, this is why fans of the 1,000-pound sister are always Team Amy and never Team Tammy.

Despite having embarked on the same weight-loss endeavor throughout the duration of their 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton have had two different experiences on the reality show. Although it was difficult, Amy eventually lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery at the end of Season 1.

This meant that Amy Slaton’s life was in many ways less restricted. Most importantly, Amy was now able to start a family with her husband Michael Halterman, and in November 2020, Amy gave birth to their son Gage. While Amy was enjoying her new freedom, Tammy Slaton’s lack of progress in her weight loss efforts only made the Slaton sister more bitter and resentful. As the 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 trailer shows, Tammy Slaton’s decline will lead to even more conflict between the reality star duo.

Before the sisters began working toward their goal of undergoing bariatric surgery, Amy and Tammy had an established dynamic that was unknown to most siblings. Essentially, Amy and her husband Michael acted as Tammy’s janitors for years.

Tammy’s weight makes it difficult for the reality star to do most things on her own, from preparing meals to climbing a ramp. On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy and Michael have been generous in their care of Tammy and often include her on trips they take together. Because Amy is often conveyed as an ungrateful caregiver, it’s easy for fans to always take the side of her younger sister Slaton. When Tammy is upset with the futile state of her weight loss journey, she tends to use Amy as a shoulder. Of course, fans will sympathize with Amy, who they’ve seen go to great lengths to please Tammy.

In addition to Amy volunteering to be Tammy’s caregiver, which gives the younger Slaton sister extra points in the eyes of the 1000-lb Sisters ‘s audience, viewers tend to be on Amy’s team because of Tammy’s immaturity. Tammy is quick to lose her temper and attacks her sister for small things, such as buying the wrong food. Tammy comes across as aggressive, forcing fans to defend Amy.

In addition to bullying Amy, the audience of the 1000-lb Sisters is tired of Tammy coming up with excuses for her failed weight loss attempts. When Amy and their brother Chris Combs try to have a constructive conversation with Tammy about her weight, Tammy gets defensive and refuses to take responsibility for the setbacks. While fans want Tammy to take responsibility, the TV personality usually just resorts to name-calling until her siblings let go.

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