1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Buys New House.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Buys New House.

After an overdose of drama in the previous season, the Slaton sisters are ready to return to our television screens. The 1000-lb Sisters will continue their weight loss journey while entertaining TLC viewers.

Fans were pretty excited to see Amy Slaton welcome her first baby in the last two episodes of season two. In the new season, the baby mama will take another big step for her family. Meanwhile, her sister Tammy might get a little jealous of her nephew.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Buys New House.

Amy Slaton transformed her life from where it was at the beginning of her TLC show. She started by reaching her first weight loss goal and ended up getting bariatric surgery. After her weight loss, she began her journey to motherhood with her loving husband, Michael Halterman, by her side.

Now that they have been blessed with their baby boy Gage, the couple is ready to take another step forward. The trailer for 1000 Lb Sisters Season 3 suggests that Amy and Michael will be looking for homes to move into.

Amy Slaton has already mentioned in one of her YouTube vlogs that she has already bought a property for her family. Also, the house had been under construction for months, so she was waiting for it to be completed.

On the other hand, in a cryptic post on Instagram, the TLC star hinted that her family might have finally moved into her dream home. She captured a photo of her baby lying on the floor of an empty room. So, fans thought it might be Gage’s room in his new home. TLC viewers will likely see the family move into the property in upcoming episodes.

While Amy has been able to transform her body and her life, her sister is struggling to do anything about it. Tammy Slaton was unable to focus on losing weight and ended up gaining more at the end of the previous season.

Eventually, she was advised to go to a facility, but from the looks of the new trailer, she didn’t follow her doctor’s advice. On the other hand, when Amy was pregnant with Gage, Tammy seemed to be jealous of how much attention her sister was getting. Fans also thought she may have been feeling insecure when her nephew joined the family.

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