1000-lb Sisters Tammy Also Criticized Cameo

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Also Criticized Cameo

Tammy Slaton had been using the TikTok account @queentammy86. However, she no longer has access to the profile. Her fans have also noticed that her account has been deleted of all its content,

However, many also shared their thoughts on the ban. Some were convinced that it was due to the alleged scams and lies involving the star. Tammy Slaton was accused of scamming her fans with her products. She promoted them on TikTok, but the products were allegedly based on uncredited artists. She also allegedly took money from her merch sales as donations instead of a legitimate payment. Shady deals may have reached TikTok.

Tammy Slaton is still alive and never needed a coffin. However, Amy Slaton still took the money, so they were accused of scamming their fans.

It is said to be against the rules of the TikTok community to lie about your age. It could result in being banned if enough people report it.

1000-lb Sisters Tammy Also Criticized Cameo

Tammy Slaton’s popularity has gained her millions of fans, and many patronize her on various platforms, including Cameo. Many have paid Tammy for a video to greet their loved ones on their birthdays or anniversaries on Cameo. However, many complained that they did not like her videos.

Many said Tammy Slaton didn’t know what to say or didn’t read the message they sent her. Others said she didn’t know how to hold the camera or that the video was too dark. But despite the criticism, many were also grateful to Tammy for giving them the video that made the occasion extra special for their friends and family.

Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy Slaton, will return next month for the new season of 1000-lb Sisters.

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  1. This programme should be highly criticised. We are meant to encourage people to live and eat healthily and here we are making excuses for two extremely fat women who are unhealthy, don’t care about their health and who are an extremely poor example to everyone. They chose to over eat and to continue to do so. They should be forced into long term rehabilitation and forced to lose weight. It is the fact that their lives are on public view on TV which removes the responsibility for their weight and gives them no incentive to lose weight.

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