1000-lb Sisters: What Is Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth?

1000-lb Sisters: What Is Tammy Slaton's Net Worth?

1000-Lb Sisters fans often want to know Tammy Slaton’s net worth and, they can rest easy knowing that she is definitely not chicken feed. Fans of the popular TLC reality series are often worried about Tammy Slaton, who has struggled the most on her weight-loss journey, mostly with herself. But at least financially, they don’t have to worry about her – she seems to be doing quite well in that regard.

Some fans may wonder how 1000-Lb. Sisters star can, as he rarely gets out of the house for long periods of time and apparently can’t do his day job. Tammy and Amy first found fame when the TLC show “1000 Lb. Sisters” first aired in January 2020. At that time, the two collectively weighed 1,000 lbs. As the show’s name suggests.

he show’s ultimate goal was for both women to eventually qualify for life-saving bariatric surgery. While the work was much easier for Amy and she eventually got the surgery, Tammy’s journey was difficult. She fought her program every step of the way, having also gone through some questionable boyfriends who only allowed her to relapse or otherwise fall off the rails.

1000-lb Sisters: What Is Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth?

According to Reality Tidbit, Tammy’s net worth is $100,000, and while that’s not chicken feed, it’s less than half of what her sister Amy earns on $250,000. Since Tammy now gets the villain’s editorial 1,000-Lb. Sisters, we can assume that the villains will make less money.

Judging by what the other stars of the TLC reality series earn per episode, we can safely assume that the sisters earn about $5,000 per episode or $50,000 per season. But since the sisters have never disclosed what the TLC network pays them, this is all just speculation.

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