1000-lb Sisters: Why Does Tammy Slaton Wear Oxygen On ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

1000-lb Sisters: Why Does Tammy Slaton Wear Oxygen On '1000-lb Sisters'?

Get ready to see the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. No doubt the ongoing pandemic will continue to play well outdoors. Even many stars were affected by COVID-19, including Tammy Slaton. Despite the infection, she was still looking forward to the party. Things took a turn that ended up affecting the Slaton family.

TLC star Tammy Slaton recently returned home after a short stint in rehab. She reportedly developed homesickness after spending a few weeks in a rehabilitation centre. Many fans encouraged Tammy Slaton in her weight loss process. So they were disappointed when he returned home.

Everybody knows that she doesn’t follow the same diet and exercise when he’s at home. That’s why her fans called it a wrong decision. Well, leaving rehab is not the main issue here. Did you know that he threw a party after he returned home? Well, that’s the main thing that got the fans’ attention.

But don’t worry! Because it wasn’t a successful party at all. Guess what? One of his nephews contracted COVID-19. As a result, production was halted at the time. It was supposed to be his party. Tammy invited twenty-eight guests, but only her sister Misty and her kids made it.

Although Tammy Slaton showed her disdain, it seems that everything happened for a good reason. Meanwhile, Amy was once again quarantined with her child and husband because they were susceptible to contracting the disease.

1000-lb Sisters: Why Does Tammy Slaton Wear Oxygen On ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

Tammy Slaton returned home in June this year after contracting COVID-19 in November 2020. However, she didn’t miss the opportunity to give her followers an update on her health. As soon as she returned home, she shared a TikTok video.

This way, his fans can easily follow him when he wears the oxygen tube. When a fan asked about his health, he replied that he was doing great at the moment. Back in 2020 he was using 15 litres of oxygen and now he’s only using three litres. Well, it looks like he is still recovering.

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