1000-Lb Sisters: Will The Halterman Family Return To Television?

1000-Lb. Sisters: Will The Halterman Family Return To Television?

Amy Halterman, 1000-Lb. Sisters took to Instagram a few hours ago for something big to celebrate. It turned out that her second child Glenn Allen Halterman had just reached a major milestone. Gage’s little brother has officially been a part of the world for a whole month. And, the Halterman family spent the day celebrating baby Glenn’s one-month birthday.

As hard as it may be for fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy and Michael Halterman welcomed their son Glenn into the world exactly one month ago. Amy took to Instagram just hours ago to write an absolutely beautiful tribute to her son.

Amy Halterman’s tribute was accompanied by some sweet photos of her baby, who is turning one month old.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Will The Halterman Family Return To Television?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans would love nothing more than to see Amy, Michael, Gage and Glenn Halterman return for another season of the TLC series. Fans, however, aren’t so sure that will happen. As fans recall, Amy was very open about her entire pregnancy before Glenn was born.

In addition, Amy Halterman has admitted that she’s not sure she wants to come back and do this show. The TLC star admitted that unless they can come to an agreement that would include a serious reduction in filming time, her family just isn’t that keen on being on the show for another season. Her sister Tammy Slaton, however, has been vocal on TikTok in a very different way, stating that she would be very interested in doing another season.

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