1000-lb Sisters: Will TLC Renew Or Cancel For Season 4?

1000-lb Sisters: Will TLC Renew Or Cancel For Season 4?

For several weeks, TLC viewers have had one thing to look forward to on Monday nights: a new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Unfortunately, Discovery+ subscribers were a bit disappointed when they logged into their streaming libraries to see the episode early only to find out it wasn’t there. Even more so, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters will be upset when they turn on TLC tonight and find out that a new episode won’t be airing.

For those who don’t know, last week’s episode of 1000-lb Sisters was the season three finale. So, the reason why a new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters is not airing tonight is very simple. There is no new episode to air. Unfortunately, the last new episode of 1000-lb Sisters available aired last week. Fans who missed the last episode or fans who need their fix can check out Discovery+ to stream all three seasons of the series.

The next big question for fans at this point is also pretty simple. Has TLC decided to renew or cancel this series? Will there be a season 4?

1000-lb Sisters: Will TLC Renew Or Cancel For Season 4?

More sad news for fans of 1000-lb Sisters because the chances of TLC renewing the series for a fourth season seem pretty slim. Both Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton have admitted that they don’t really want to film another season of the series.

Fans thought that Amy Slaton and her husband Michael getting pregnant again would increase the chances of the series being renewed. But Amy Slaton has been very open with the details of her pregnancy, including an exact date, plans for a C-section, gender and name.

If 1000-Lb. Sisters had been renewed for a fourth season, it’s unlikely that Amy Slaton would have been able to reveal so much information about her pregnancy. As fans remember from season 2, details about Gage, including when he was born and what he looked like, were kept under lock and key until the episode featuring his birth aired.

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