90 Day Fiance: Angela Living Her Life Best In Los Angeles

90 Day Fiance: Angela Living Her Life Best In Los Angeles

90 Day Fiance celebrity Angela Deem is enjoying life to the full. Recently, the star is in Los Angeles. And she loves the city. Angela claims you can’t take her name without LA. That’s right. Angela punctuates her day with dancing, singing and drinking. Plus, fans appreciate her new skinny look.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Living Her Life Best In Los Angeles

Angela Deem is enjoying her trip to LA the most. The reality star updated her fans on what she’s been up to. Angela is seen spending time with her friends who are almost half her age. In addition, the star claims, “Can’t say Angela without LA BABY”. Well, it’s true. And that’s how much she likes LA.

Angela can be seen singing while driving in the car: “it’s LA baby”. She also thanks her friends by shouting their names. Plus she can be seen taking an IV in a hotel, apparently in LA. The star then thanked Hollywood Car Rentals for providing her with a car whenever she comes to LA. It looks like Angela has got it all sorted in LA. The only thing left now is to enjoy the day. The star then headed out to enjoy some time with friends.

Angela is definitely having some kind of party. And she went to LA for it. There, she drinks, enjoys the rides and thanks her friends. But what is she celebrating? In her recent story, fans might have seen Angela enjoying drinks with some friends. The place looks like a cosy restaurant.

The table is decorated with a cake with the words ‘Queen Angela’ written on it. In addition, there was an ‘A’ star on the table. There was also a television playing “90 Day Fiance” where Angela and her friends were sitting. And, there will be another party where Meemaw Angela is seen dancing with her girlfriend Raylin. The reality star also shared a photo on Instagram with a bunch of her friends. To this, Natasha Fett replied, “We had so much fun last night!!!”.

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