90 Day Fiance: Does Julia Trubkina Catch A Lot Of Hate?

90 Day Fiance: Does Julia Trubkina Catch A Lot Of Hate?

90 Day Fiance star Julia Trubkina recently uploaded a brand new makeover photo. Not only that, she looked haters straight in the eye and slammed them for trolling. Julia’s golden and glamorous look was the perfect compliment to her caption. The reality star knows different ways to shock her fans.

Julia Trubkina knows how to express what she has to say. Recently, the star posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a bold make-up look. She was wearing a black dress and had a bold look in her eyes. With nude makeup and a brush in hand, Julia looked straight into the eyes of her fans.

The star captioned the post.“I looked everywhere!! I looked at all the files. even looked into the closet! but did not find where I asked you opinion, my lovely haters?”. Well, it was a funny caption. Fans had to go through the caption, thinking it was something to do with Julia herself. But it was actually for Julia’s haters. Julia struck out at her haters and let them know she wasn’t interested because she wasn’t looking for them at all. But didn’t this slam come with the celebrity for free? In Julia’s case, she had no choice but to confront her haters.

90 Day Fiance: Does Julia Trubkina Catch A Lot Of Hate?

Clearly, Julia Trubkina does not like her haters. Fans could easily notice that the star doesn’t even bother to comment on hate comments. Instead, she puts more emphasis on the good ones.

But hating is something the reality star can’t avoid even if she wanted to. Some wondered why Julia was acting like such a celebrity in the first place. Well, it was a negative comment and Julia didn’t bother to respond to it. But there are other fans besides the haters who love Julia and her bow. One follower wrote: “You’re so funny! You and Brandon are my fav. You seem like such a fun couple.” To this, Julia instantly replied, “thank you, sweetie.” Yara Zaya, on the other hand, did nothing but laugh at Julia’s post. She seemed to agree with her point of view.

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