90 Day Fiancé: Geoffrey Paschel Going to Prison?

90 Day Fiancé Geoffrey Paschel Going to Prison

Day 2 of the trial of former 90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey Paschel ended with a guilty verdict after additional testimony and evidence was presented to the jury. The charges in the case were aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault and interference with an emergency call.

Both Geoffrey and the victim in the case, Kristen Wilson-Chapman, took the stand to tell their versions of that night. Attorneys battled over the authenticity of text messages allegedly from Kristen and deposition statements from a separate civil custody case in which Geoffrey was involved.

The first day of the trial consisted of testimony from Kristen, her neighbor Lauren Gouge, from whom she ran home for help, and the police officer whose body camera footage from that night was also shown.

This case stems from a June 9, 2019 incident in which Kristen claimed Geoffrey violently attacked her and did not let her leave or call for help.

A proffer was conducted without the presence of the jury to review alleged text message evidence and deposition details from a civil custody case in which Geoffrey was involved with his ex-wife. The prosecution wanted the text messages deemed inadmissible, and the defense wanted the deposition evidence suppressed, but neither was granted.

The alleged text messages were sent by Kristen to Geoffrey after the incident, which Kristen denies sending. She voluntarily turned over her phone for forensic analysis, although no conclusions were drawn from it.

Depositions in January and May 2019 demonstrated inconsistencies in Geoffrey’s account of his relationship with Kristen and the credibility of his actions to retain the text messages after the incident. Geoffrey said he did not remember anything that was said in the depositions.

90 Day Fiancé: Geoffrey Paschel Going to Prison?

Geoffrey Paschel took the stand first and said they had a pleasant evening and there was no jealousy until they got home, and Kristen saw him on the phone down the street while walking his dog and thought he was talking to another woman. He claims she flew into a jealous rage when he came back into the house and slammed the door, and she bounced off the wall before tumbling down the stairs and into the bushes of his house. He says he calmed her down before getting her cleaned up and into bed. Once she was asleep, he claims she jumped out of bed and out the door to call the police hours after the initial incident.

Kristen recounted the same account from the first day of the trial in which she said Geoffrey Paschel violently attacked her out of jealousy. She explained that Geoffrey took her communication devices and car keys, preventing her from calling for help. Kristen accidentally mentioned that she deleted photos of other signs of him from her phone, which caused the case to stall and the jury to leave the courtroom.

The defense attorney asked for a mistrial on the grounds that Kristen had introduced evidence 404b, prior bad acts, and now the jury was tainted against Geoffrey. He implored the court that Geoffrey’s presumption of innocence had been violated and that the “bell cannot be unringed.”

The judge determined that Kristen’s statement was not detailed enough to merit a new trial, and the court proceeded by recalling the jurors and putting Kristen back on the stand, where little else was said.

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