90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Allowed To Meet Taeyang

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Allowed To Meet Taeyang

90 Day Fiance star Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg’s divorce drama isn’t over yet. But fortunately, custody of the child is already in place and Deavan has been granted full legal and physical custody of Taeyang.

Deavan’s mother Elicia has revealed that Jihoon is not interested in co-parenting Taeyang. Elicia claims that Jihoon just disappeared suddenly and is not interested in her son’s life.

90 Day Fiance: Jihoon Lee Is Allowed To Meet Taeyang

Former 90 Day Fiance star Jihoon and Deavan had a bad breakup. But their divorce is not over yet. Deavan’s mum Elicia revealed in an Instagram video that Deavan and Jihoon are still going through legal procedures.

However, the custody of the children is now clear. Elicia explained that the custody of the children has now been resolved and there was no child abduction involved. The reality star said: “Deavan now has, luckily, full legal and physical custody of Taeyang.”

However, Jihoon has not been completely kept away from seeing his son. He is allowed to meet Taeyang if he wishes. But he can only see Taeyang if Jihoon agrees to take anger management and parenting classes because of what he did to Drascilla. Elicia claims that Jihoon said in a live broadcast that he will do to Taeyang what he did to Drascilla.

Furthermore, the star explains that Jihoon pulling Deavan’s child by the hair and beating him is not acceptable. Therefore, in order not to do something like this in the future, Jihoon needs to take care of his behaviour. Jihoon, an alumni of 90 Day Fiance, is allowed to meet his child but under certain conditions.

Jihoon will not be granted full custody of Taeyang. However, the reality star will still be able to meet her child. Elicia claims that they have never restricted Jihoon from seeing Taeyang. But she has never tried to be interested in being involved in her son’s life. He suddenly disappeared without any prior message, phone calls or meetings.

Elicia noted that fans can still find Jihoon because he has a YouTube channel and is thoroughly active there. But he is nowhere with his family.

Deavan’s mother revealed that it is not Deavan who is restricting Jihoon from meeting her son. Rather, it is Jihoon himself who does not want to be in his son’s life. Elicia says: “You can not force somebody. You can’t force someone to be a parent.” What’s more, Elicia appeals to the fact that they want Taeyang’s father to be able to spend quality time with his son. Jihoon himself, however, has withdrawn from the relationship. In addition, according to Elicia, he has also moved on in his life.

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