90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist Said He’s Fully Done.

90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist Said He’s Fully Done.

“90 Day Fiance” fans know very well that Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva got married at the last minute. Her visa was about to expire and Mike wanted her to stay in America. However, it would be an exaggeration to say that the couple are not on the same page. As Natalie said in her confession, almost every other situation creates conflict.

Natalie accused Mike’s mother of calling him a whore when they were together for Thanksgiving in Oklahoma.

When Mike couldn’t believe her, he asked Natalie to talk to Trish. Predictably, Trish denied it, but also made it clear that she was not a fan of Natalie. The reality TV star’s mother added that Natalie doesn’t treat her son kindly even when she takes care of everything.

She also stressed that she has never believed for a moment that Natalie loves Mike. Trish revealed that Natalie picked a fight with Mike on Christmas Eve. What’s more, without any respect for him, she left him and went to Seattle. It was pretty much at that point, Mike lost it.

Things started to heat up and he told the producers that Natalie Mordovtseva gave the gifts Mike brought her to her best friend Juliana. Angered more than ever, he bluntly stated that this was no way for a woman to behave in any country.

90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist Said He’s Fully Done.

Until then, Natalie remained silent. But after Mike’s long rant, she noted that they argued a lot. Meanwhile, he ignored her comments and asked how they were supposed to spend time together when she wasn’t even home. As reported by ET Online, the American 90 Day Fiance star then turned off the microphone and told the products that he was completely over and over it.

As he started to walk away, Natalie said in a frustrated tone that Mike would never admit if he was guilty. She also said she loved him though, but he hurt her a lot.

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