90 Day Fiance: So Are Geoffrey Paschel And Varya Malina Still Together Or Did They Break Up

90 Day Fiance: So Are Geoffrey Paschel And Varya Malina Still Together Or Did They Break Up

90 Day Fiance star Geoffrey seems to have dumped Mary Wallace for his Russian love Varya Malina. However, Mary Wallace and Geoffrey are still very close friends. In fact, recent reports from Mary indicate that she and Geoffrey Paschel still have a future together. So does that mean that Geoffrey and Varya have given up?

90 Day Fiance’s Mary Wallace won’t give up her share in Geoffrey. The two were besties for Varya and remain close to this day. After Varya Malina rejected Geoffrey Paschel’s proposal in Russia, she had a chance for success. But Geoffrey Paschel already went on to explore a romantic relationship with Maria.

Then Varya Malina made a bold move and appeared on the sidewalk of her 90 Day Fiance. Sure, it was awkward, because Mary was also there when she surprised Geoffrey Paschel. In the end, Varya Malina won Geoffrey Paschel’s heart back, and he ended her dazzling journey with a second proposal, which she accepted.

All that love triangle drama took place just over a year ago. Mary, however, still spends a lot of time with Geoffrey Paschel. Recent reports indicate that she and Geoffrey Paschel are not just friends. However, neither says much about the official status of relationships. Mary’s clear she is not competing and is in it for the long term. Perhaps Geoffrey Paschel has ended the K1 Visa process with Varya in favor of a future with Mary Wallace.

90 Day Fiance: So Are Geoffrey Paschel And Varya Malina Still Together Or Did They Break Up

90 Day Fiance celeb Varya Malina was in the United States this summer. This is her second trip in less than a year. However, she did not spend all her time with Geoffrey. She went sightseeing in several states. She did spend some time in Geoffrey’s home state of Tennessee. The couple was noticeably absent for the Tell All for their season. Fans were left in the dark about their relationship status.

Both 90 Day Fiance cast members are tight-lipped updating the status of their engagement that we’ve seen on their season finale. The silence is probably due to contractual obligations and terms of their non-disclosure agreements. Varya Malina’s trip to the US during the summer could have been filmed for TLC. Maybe it’s an interruption that was captured for the cameras to broadcast on a future season or web series update. If so, Mary Wallace’s claim to Geoffrey Paschel makes sense.

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  1. So glad Darcey and sister are gone. Both are phoney from the top of their heads to their feet!!! If either of them have children their husband will think it’s someone else’s child!!! Also the gays. If they didn’t act out so much but to watch is.not for me and many others. I have enjoyed the show for over a year. Saw all the babies born, etc. Now I watch some and turn the show off. Your pillow talk used to be cute and funny..not anymore.

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