90 Day Fiance: Varya Goes on Big American Adventure

90 Day Fiance: Varya Goes on Big American Adventure

90 Day Fiance star Varya recently shared a picture of her ball. Since her return from America she is back in her daily routine. But she still thinks about the adventures of the past. Including an unexpected surprise, she got while she was on vacation on a beach and a childhood memory of her ball.

Last month, Varya embarked on a great adventure in America. The For 90 Days cast didn’t let the global crisis stop them from exploring new places. Varya Malina never said why she was in the country, but she did share snapshots of her journey. The more time she spent in America, the more she “fell in love” with the country. The 90 Day Fiance reality star made a pit stop in Tennessee. Varya had previously gone to the state to surprise Geoffrey Paschel. But it wasn’t clear if she was with Geoffrey this time. Many fans thought that Geoffrey and Varya Malina could have filmed a reunion. However, there is no confirmation that the two even met.

90 Day Fiance’s Varya continued her American trip and went to Chicago. She felt like she was living in a movie when she was in the Windy City. But now Varya Malina is back in Russia and goes back to her daily life, including sharing some photos.

90 Day Fiance Russian Varya has returned home and was ready to return to her radio job. However, due to the virus outbreak she has other plans. The For the 90 Day castrate found it the perfect opportunity to tell an old vacation story. During a trip to the Crimea, she and her good friend got a shocking surprise during a visit to a beach.

90 Days Fiance-favorite Varya Malina and her friend decided to stay near a beach in Sevastopol. After the two ladies had checked into their hotel, they made a sprint to the beach. Unfortunately, the beach was full of people and there was no room for them to lie in the sun. Varya Malina then came up with the plan to go further down the coast where there were fewer people.

Varya Malina enjoyed her time swimming in the water. But when she turned around to look back she saw men walking around without swimwear. The 90 Day Fiance funny girl soon realized she was on a nude beach. It’s a funny memory of her journey she will never forget.

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  1. I love you and Geoffrey together, you make an AWESOME couple and you could be a POWER couple as you are both ambitious and love the same crazy things♡ Good Luck & God Bless♡♡♡

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