90 Day Fiancé Stars Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay Announce Marriage and a Baby on the Way

90 Day Fiancé Stars Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay Announce Marriage and a Baby on the Way

In an unexpected turn of love and loyalty, the 23-year-old couple from “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay, have revealed their marriage and a rumored pregnancy that’s got the fans talking. Their journey, filled with ups and downs, has caught the attention of viewers across the globe.

Meeting on a dating app during the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple began their relationship with constant video calls that turned into a 24/7 necessity. Their shared past of betrayal by exes brought them even closer. In a heartfelt confession, Mary Demasu-ay admitted to InTouch, “I acted insecure only when we were in a long-distance relationship and was afraid of losing him.”

Despite all odds, Brandan DeNuccio managed to save over $60,000, sending it to Mary in the Philippines to build a house together. His commitment to Mary led to him losing jobs but gaining a partner he clearly treasures. On the flip side, Mary’s tactics to spend time with her friends, blaming it on power outages, brought tension, but couldn’t break their bond.

90 Day Fiancé: A Wedding to Remember and a Baby on the Horizon

Their love was cemented on April 26, 2023, when they tied the knot. Brandan’s choice of a burgundy suit, white shirt, and pink bow tie was complemented by Mary’s princess-like appearance in a white gown and tiara. The wedding photos, shared by Brandan’s mother, Angela, on Facebook, reflect pure joy and a new beginning.

An intriguing revelation came from Angela’s deleted meme on July 4, 2023, which hinted at her becoming a grandmother. This was further fueled by Mary’s conversation with a follower on Instagram, where she playfully admitted, “you know I’m pregnant hehe.”

Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay’s love story, now taking a turn towards parenthood, will likely continue to be showcased in a new “90 Day Fiancé” spin-off. With the current season possibly ending with the grand reveal of their wedding, fans are excited to see what the future holds for this extraordinary couple.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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