90 Day Fiance Stephanie Buys Her Second Porsche.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Buys Her Second Porsche.

Stephanie Matto has lived her best life since the shooting of “90 Day Fiance”: Before the 90 Days.

The 29-year-old has endured a lot of negative repercussions during her programming period, and at one point she took a break from social media to avoid all the hate.

However, now that the season is over and the drama surrounding the reality show has died down, Stephanie is back to her normal life. By all accounts, things are going pretty well financially for the TLC star, who has just shown her new luxury car on social media.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Buys Her Second Porsche.

The alumnus of season 4 recently shared a photo on Instagram posing with her new purchase, a Porsche Panamera 2020.

This is actually Stephanie Matto’s second Porsche. In 2018 she bought a Porsche Macan, but says the Panamera is her dream car.

“Leaving the dealership today with my Porsche Panamera 2020! Thanks to @porsche_fairfield for helping me buy my second Porsche! I’ve been obsessed with the Panamera for so long and finally owning my dream car seems unreal to me,” she shared. This is not even the biggest purchase Stephanie has made this year – she also recently bought a nice new house.

As you may have already heard, the TLC salary is “offensive”, at least according to former cast member Eric Rosenbrook. How does Madman afford his sumptuous lifestyle?

Well, before her time on TV, Stephanie was already a popular YouTuber with over 350,000 subscribers.

However, she gets a considerable amount of material from websites like Patreon and OnlyFans – where she gives fans access to nude photos and burlesque videos at a certain price.

In a video titled “How I Got Rich Selling My Nudes” the former Yonkers resident splits her income online. “In my first six months of a Patreon’s life, I was pulling another 8,000 a month, and it just went up from there”. He says.

“So now that I was earning more, it allowed me to save money, it allowed me to reinvest in my content on my YouTube channel, it helped me pay off the loans I had, it helped me buy a new vehicle. It has helped so many aspects of my life.

OnlyFans has become a popular option for reality TV stars, and is clearly paying Stephanie back. So far, she has two Porsches and a luxury new house to show off!

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