Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s Divorce Turns Nasty: Is She Paying Her Ex’s Legal Bills?

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's Divorce Turns Nasty: Is She Paying Her Ex’s Legal Bills?

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s divorce has shocked many fans. Bryan filed for divorce on January 1, 2024, ending their four-year marriage and blindsiding Rachel. Just weeks before, Rachel had spoken about their plans to adopt, making the sudden split even more surprising.

Initially, Bryan defended Rachel against online trolls, but recent court filings have revealed private details about their life. Bryan claims he should get half of their house and disclosed his monthly income of $1,700 compared to Rachel’s $60,000. He is also seeking spousal support and wants Rachel to cover his legal fees.

Rachel has hired Kim Kardashian’s divorce lawyer to help her fight Bryan’s demands. According to Radar Online, Rachel had hoped to keep the divorce details private, but that is no longer possible.

In response to Bryan’s claims, Rachel’s lawyer stated that she pays 90% of all expenses for their shared home. Rachel has formally requested the judge to deny Bryan’s demand for her to pay his legal fees.

However, Rachel did not address whether the court should grant or deny Bryan’s request for spousal support. The former couple is expected back in court soon to discuss an emergency spousal support request filed by Bryan.

Many fans are supporting Rachel Lindsay in this bitter legal battle. They believe she shouldn’t be responsible for Bryan’s legal bills, especially given the significant income disparity between them. Rachel is determined to shut down Bryan’s attempts to claim her money and is fighting back through legal channels.

Upcoming Court Hearing

The court will soon decide on the issues of spousal support and legal fees. Rachel’s legal team is focused on ensuring that Bryan’s requests are denied, while Bryan is pushing for financial support from his estranged wife.

What do you think about Rachel Lindsay’s situation? Should she be responsible for her ex’s legal bills amid their divorce?

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