Body-Positive Influencer Nelly London Celebrates Summer Bodies Just As They Are

Body-Positive Influencer Nelly London Celebrates Summer Bodies Just As They Are

Summer is near. Nelly London, a body-positive influencer, is pushing back against summer’s quick weight-loss ads. She’s promoting self-love and acceptance instead.

In her latest Instagram post, she stands in a bikini, urging followers to love themselves. She describes their bodies as “gorgeous rays of sunshine.”

Challenging Unhealthy Beauty Standards

Nelly’s post confronted the societal pressures to lose weight quickly, often fueled by personal trainers and diet corporations. She highlighted the unhealthy and unsustainable habits these pressures promote.

Her message was clear: everyone’s body is already “summer-ready,” and there is no need to conform to traditional beauty standards.

Encouraging Followers to Embrace Themselves

On her Instagram page @nelly_london, Nelly encouraged her followers to ignore the negative voices and pressures that flood social media feeds, especially as summer nears.

She emphasized the importance of enjoying life and taking up space without the burden of achieving an idealized physical perfection. “We get 75 summers here on this earth and that’s if we’re lucky, so don’t you dare waste one more summer feeling like you don’t deserve to enjoy it,” she asserted.

Positive Reception from Followers

Nelly’s message struck a chord with her audience, earning almost 20,000 likes and many supportive comments. Her followers celebrated her support for body positivity.

They used fire emojis, love hearts, and comments like “yes!” Some critics did suggest everyone has the right to want to improve their bodies. However, the majority of responses were positive.

Protecting Mental Well-Being

Nelly further advised her followers. She said to protect themselves from many voices. These voices tell them what to do with their bodies. This advice is crucial, especially at this time of year. Her strong support for body positivity is a reminder. It emphasizes mental well-being and self-love over societal pressures.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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