Brielle Biermann’s Range Rover Slated for Repossession

Brielle Biermann's Range Rover Slated for Repossession

Brielle Biermann’s Range Rover faces repossession by the bank.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s Georgia mansion narrowly escaped repossession a year ago. Despite owing over a million dollars to the IRS, it avoided auction.

However, in early 2023, their house faced the same threat. The couple then filed for divorce. During this turmoil, they faced lawsuits from credit card companies.

Kroy failed to make payments on his Rolls-Royce. By November 2023, he had to surrender it. Now, their eldest child, Brielle Biermann, faces a similar fate.

According to In Touch Weekly, the former reality star, 27, had her 2019 Range Rover repossessed. Ally Bank sued them on March 27th, 2024. Legal documents list both Brielle and Kim. They failed to make $1,903 monthly payments.

The remaining balance is $83,969.35. Recently, Ariana Biermann, Kim’s other daughter, hinted at her mother’s actions in a TikTok post. She indirectly criticized Kim for sharing clickbait articles for money. Ariana shared an older post about “cheating” on Kroy on Instagram.

Ariana faces constant questions about her family’s turmoil. Kim and Kroy’s unstable relationship affects their children. Police visits raise concerns about their situation. Brielle Biermann lost her car due to family issues. Her next steps remain uncertain.

Brielle Biermann’s Valuables Sold Off in The Biermann’s Closet Scandal by Kim Zolciak

Brielle Biermann lost her belongings when Kim Zolciak sold family items on The Biermann’s Closet. She and Kim listed pricey items, but Kroy Biermann didn’t list much.

Kim sold Kroy’s luxury shoes, making him unhappy. He didn’t get any money from the sales. Kim used the money for their kids’ Christmas gifts. Kim’s gambling and expensive lifestyle contributed to the situation.

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