Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart’s Health Update

Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Stewart's Health Update

After a year of grappling with mysterious health issues and giving up driving, ‘Bringing Up Bates’ star Carlin Bates Stewart has some exciting news to share.

Bringing Up Bates: Health Issues and the Driving Pause

In Spring 2022, Carlin began experiencing seizure-like episodes. These health concerns have remained largely unexplained despite a series of doctor’s appointments and medical tests. Her medication, however, seems to have positively impacted the frequency of her seizures, giving Carlin Bates and her family some much-needed relief.

Despite the improvements, the safety concerns that these episodes pose have prevented her from driving for several months. Her husband, Evan Stewart, even stepped up, leaving his job to join the family business at the Bates Sisters Boutique. This move allowed him to assist Carlin Bates and the family by providing transport whenever needed.

Bringing Up Bates: A Glimpse of Normalcy Ahead?

Recently, the couple shared an uplifting update after another doctor’s appointment. Evan reported that the appointment was “very positive,” adding that it’s been a while since Carlin’s last major episode of unconsciousness, a key reason behind her temporary pause from driving.

And here comes the exciting bit – the couple is hopeful that Carlin might be able to resume driving this summer. While it’s an exhilarating prospect, it’s also a nerve-wracking one, admitted Carlin. However, Evan was quick to reassure that he would still be available to drive her around as needed.

Bringing Up Bates: Future Plans Amid Health Concerns

Amidst Carlin’s continuous health struggles, the duo has also contemplated the possibility of more children in the future. Although they did not share specific details, it’s evident that such considerations demand careful evaluation due to the situation. Supporters continue to wish the family well and are eager to receive further updates.

Bringing Up Bates: Keeping Up with Carlin Bates Stewart and Evan Stewart

Throughout their journey, Carlin Bates Stewart and Evan Stewart have maintained an open dialogue, frequently posting updates on their Instagram and YouTube accounts. They have promised that once Carlin is ready to drive again, their followers will be promptly informed.

If you want to keep up with all the current news from the family, don’t forget to follow their various social media platforms and become a subscriber of their YouTube channel.

In the interim, let’s continue rallying behind Carlin, supporting her with positive energy as she bravely manages her health challenges. The anticipation is building for the day we can cheer her on as she reclaims her driving independence.

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