Brittany Mahomes Faces Backlash for Stadium Interaction After Chiefs’ Victory

Brittany Mahomes Faces Backlash for Stadium Interaction After Chiefs' Victory

Brittany Mahomes is the spouse of famous Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. She recently became the center of online controversy.

This happened after a video showed her talking to a stadium worker. The video was taken after the Chiefs’ win against the Ravens, which secured their spot in the Super Bowl. In the video, Brittany asked for directions in the stadium. This caused mixed reactions online.

The incident happened when Brittany, Taylor Swift, Patrick’s brother Jackson, and others were heading back. They had been celebrating the Chiefs’ win on the field. Travis Kelce’s partner, Taylor Swift, and Patrick’s brother, Jackson, were there.

The video captured Brittany asking a staff member, “where do we go from here?” with a hand gesture that some people thought was dismissive. This led to a lot of comments online, with some accusing her of acting superior.

Brittany Mahomes Claps Back at Critics: ‘Stay Bothered’

People online had different opinions about what Brittany did. Some accused her of being arrogant. These comments were seen on social media platforms like TikTok. Critics focused on how she acted and how she asked for directions, thinking it showed a “high horse” attitude.

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But Brittany quickly responded to the criticism with an honest Instagram post, sharing her thoughts on the situation. She said, “I take rumors as a compliment. The fact that you’re bringing my name onto tables I don’t sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered.” Her message was meant to ignore the criticism and show that she didn’t care about the negative attention.

Despite some criticism, many people came to Brittany’s defense. Supporters argued that her question and gesture were harmless and didn’t deserve the backlash. They said she was just trying to find her way around the stadium, not acting entitled or rude.

Brittany Mahomes’ Tipping Controversy Surfaces

Brittany Mahomes has faced criticism beyond the stadium incident. A former hotel employee recently shared a story on TikTok, accusing Brittany of not tipping during her stay at a fancy hotel in Hollywood.

Jessica O’Connor, the employee, talked about her interactions with Brittany. She said Brittany didn’t leave a tip for the services she received. This made people think less of Mahomes.

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