‘Counting On’ – Which Duggar is unhappy with their love match?

'Counting On' - Which Duggar is unhappy with their love match?

Jim Bob Duggar is probably unhappy with his own decision to let Jill Duggar meet her now-husband, Derick Dillard, in 2014. Derick not only got himself booted from the family show count on, but he has publicly outed Jim Bob as a control freak who is hoarding income from the family appearance at TLC. The supporters were quick to point out that Jim’s Bob has no one to blame except himself. After all, followers reasoned, it is usually believed that the Duggar children’s marriages have been arranged. Even if they’ve all been arranged, though the family has never officially commented, there’s a few that seem happier than most.

‘Counting On’ – Who do fans think are the happiest couple?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo live their lives in Los Angeles far from the prying eyes of the Duggar family, but that doesn’t mean they are the happiest couple. In fact, followers have some concerns about how well Jinger is acclimatizing to life in a huge city. The well-read Jeremy, if you really look at it, doesn’t seem to be the perfect match for Jinger either.

Instead, fans believe that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are actually the couple that seems to have the most substantial connection. Reddit fans point out that Joy-Anna spoke about Austin with great respect when she posted about his recent birthday. Indeed, she seems to know more about her husband than her brothers and sisters know about their husbands. The couple also seems to enjoy the same activities, and their hobbies and interest mesh well. Austin also seems to be an incredibly involved father, according to Instagram shots.

While some fans still think Austin looks a little creepy, there’s really nothing to suggest he’s a bad guy for Joy-Anna. In fact, it looks like he and Joy-Anna are getting along very well. Their marriage may have been strongly encouraged by their parents, but it seems that they at least get along well.

‘Counting On’ – Which Duggar is unhappy with their love match?

Although many people would quickly assume that Anna Duggar is most unhappy in her marriage to Josh Duggar, for some inexplicable reason they seem to be satisfied. At least, Anna does. Nobody knows what Josh thinks, because since his scandals in 2015 he is mainly a ghost. Followers are sure that Josiah Duggar is actually the most wretched person in his marriage.

Josiah married Lauren Swanson in June 2018 after only five months of dating, according to In Touch. Fans have never really warmed up to Lauren, and there are a few hints of trouble between the couple. For example, Lauren and Josiah were found to be behaving quite poisonously during a wedding retreat. Rumor has it that Josiah was actually forced to pursue Lauren after Jim Bob discovered that Josiah was using social media without permission. The Duggar children are not allowed to use Instagram or Twitter for the courtship, it seems.

Followers have also questioned Josiah’s sexuality, and are concerned that he may have been forced down the aisle as a way to crush the rumors. The Duggars have never spoken publicly about the accusations. If Josiah is unhappy, it is unlikely that followers will get immediate confirmation, unless something drastic changes. For the time being, he’s a little busy raising his child. Josiah and Lauren welcomed a daughter, Bella Milagro, in November 2019.

Are the Duggar family marriages arranged?

Rumor has it the Duggar patriarch arranges his children’s marriage. While it may not be as extreme as being forced down the aisle, a church insider has revealed that couples are strongly encouraged to start a courtship. More often than not, a courtship ends in marriage. The insider spoke with Radar Online in the fall of 2019, noting that Josh Duggar’s marriage to Anna Duggar had been arranged to address his teenage issues.

Some believe the marriage between Lauren and Josiah was also forced. Lauren was actually spotted at Jill’s wedding, years before she claims to have met Josiah, lending credentials to the theory. Duggar family weddings often include more than 1,000 guests, yet the family must know the people they invite, at least on the surface level. Many followers also believe that Jim Bob specifically chose Derick for Jill, although that love contest seems to have the opposite effect on Jim Bob. However, Jill and Derick seem reasonably happy together, at least if one is to believe Jill’s Instagram hashtags.

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