Demi Burnett’s Shocking Life Choice – Why The Bachelor Star Chooses Celibacy!

Demi Burnett's Shocking Life Choice - Why The Bachelor Star Chooses Celibacy!

Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Burnett shares why she’s celibate. She’s very single and hasn’t dated in years. Despite past relationships, she’s now celibate. The reason behind this change? Demi’s autism diagnosis over a year ago. It shed light on her lifelong struggles.

Demi faced challenges with overstimulation and hygiene. She once mentioned, “I struggle with self-care and eating.” The demands of eating overwhelm her. Her mind shifted on intimacy, leading to celibacy. It’s been two years now.

On the Almost Famous podcast, she shared her journey. Alongside her autism revelation, she quit drinking. Demi admitted, “I’ve been celibate for two years.” She reverted to her prudish high school self.

Why the change? Demi Burnett’s candid response was surprising. She finds bodily fluids touching “disgusting.” Hygiene concerns like handwashing and teeth-brushing bother her.

Demi elaborated to Ben and Ashley. She gets easily turned off now. Odors can be a deal-breaker for her. Despite this, she’s still searching for love.

Demi’s mom, recently released from prison, is now her best friend. They share a close bond. Her mom assists with daily tasks, easing her anxiety. Demi views her presence as a blessing.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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