Does ‘Married At First Sight’ Pay For The Wedding Dress?

Does 'Married At First Sight' Pay For The Wedding Dress?

The best thing about Married at First Sight is meeting your ideal couple, hand-picked for you by a panel of experts. But a close second is getting a completely free wedding. Sure, you can get weddings that tend to run together in a jumble of purple and white chiffon, but participants can still get married for free and there’s (literally) no price to pay.

But what about the honeymoon? The honeymoon is part of the ‘Married in the First Act’ tour and if the wedding is included in the production costs, then there must be a honeymoon, right? There are also bachelor and bachelorette parties, so the potential cost of this show of about five couples is quite high.

The US version of Married at First Sight is similar to the UK version. However, no one involved with the US version has come forward to say who pays for the honeymoon. Someone from the UK series has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets. In an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K., season 2 actor Clark Sherwood admitted that the show helps pay for certain things, but not every detail.

If the same is true for the US version, there is a good chance that the show will pay for at least part of the honeymoon.

Does ‘Married At First Sight’ Pay For The Wedding Dress?

It’s not news that weddings can be expensive. And when you factor in the wedding dress, it’s easy to see thousands of dollars just for the dress. Since it has already been established that the US and UK versions have their similarities, it is safe to assume that it is likely to be the wedding dress that pays the piper – assuming the dress is not too expensive.

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