Fans of RHOA Slam Porsha Williams

Fans of RHOA Slam Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams is dealing with backlash after the season finale of her spinoff show Porsha’s Family Matters.

After a season filled with constant drama, the reality star ended in no other way but With drama. Some fans were surprised that it ended on such a low note, with a physical and verbal fight with her ex-boyfriend Dennis; however, other fans of the show remained steadfast that this is what we always see from Porsha Williams.

Porsha got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend Dennis McKinley the previous episode, all due to the fact that he was accused of cheating on Porsha while they were together.

Considering that Porsha Williams had her current boyfriend, some fans felt even more uncomfortable with his actions. Some fans felt like it was disrespectful to her current boyfriend that she would get so upset over something that happened in the past.

Even though Porsha Williams tried to make it seem like she, her current boyfriend Simon Guobadia, and her ex-boyfriend Dennis would be able to make this big, happy blended family work, she proved just the opposite.

Some fans thought that because Porsha Williams had such a large following and platform, she would portray herself in a better light.

However, on the show, Porsha Williams was asked if she thought her actions of the verbal and physical fight the night before would affect her platforms or following in any way. Porsha Williams had responded that she did not think her actions would negatively impact her because she is human.

Porsha Williams stressed that at the end of the day, she wants her fans and supporters to know that she is human and that families fight and things like that happen. However, fans were still very unhappy with her lack of responsibility in her role.

The final scene of the show ends with Porsha and her ex-boyfriend Dennis having a verbal altercation over child custody.

Dennis threatens to take Porsha to court to change their custody agreement. Porsha gets completely angry and starts saying that Dennis hasn’t paid for anything and doesn’t do anything for their daughter Pilar. The dinner started out very disingenuous, but as soon as the topic of court became involved, the script flipped very quickly.

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