GMA’s Michael Strahan and Deborah Roberts in London for King Charles III’s Coronation

GMA's Michael Strahan and Deborah Roberts in London for King Charles III's Coronation

Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan and Deborah Roberts recently found themselves in London to cover King Charles III’s coronation. The pair has been keeping us updated with behind-the-scenes clips, giving us a glimpse of the event preparations and their rapport. In a funny turn of events, Michael Strahan hilariously shouted at his co-host Deborah Roberts over a misunderstanding, which was captured in a video posted on GMA’s Instagram page.

GMA: The Countdown Begins

As the duo prepared for the ceremony, Deborah Roberts started explaining to viewers how much time they had left before going live. “Okay, so how long? Maybe 40 minutes before air,” she said, before Michael corrected her: “35 minutes until showtime.” Deborah continued, jokingly stating that they didn’t need notes because they’ve got it all together.

GMA: Michael’s Moment of Confusion

While Deborah kept talking to fans, Michael Strahan seemed confused as he wasn’t aware she was recording. He looked up from his phone with a perplexed expression, asking, “I was like, what are you doing?” Once Deborah explained that she was updating their followers, Michael laughed at the misunderstanding and returned to his phone.

GMA: Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse

In addition, Michael posted a video revealing the behind-the-scenes action leading up to their live broadcast. “We’re in London for the coronation and our entire crew is here working diligently,” he informed fans. The footage displayed the whole team, accompanied by cameras, lighting, and teleprompters. “A great number of individuals contribute to ensuring the success of this production. We’re aiming for a flawless show. Here’s hoping,” he concluded.

GMA: A Team Effort

Deborah and Michael were seated at a round table with several other contributors from the morning show, providing a fantastic view of the city. In another post, Deborah’s husband, Today weatherman Al Roker’s daughter, Leila, captured a snap of the duo laughing from behind the news desk. Deborah also shared some highlights from the festivities in London, including her reporting outside of Westminster Abbey.

GMA: A Light-Hearted Moment Amidst the Grandeur

This amusing incident involving Michael Strahan and Deborah Roberts highlights the light-hearted moments shared by the GMA team while reporting on a historic event. The chemistry between the co-hosts is evident in their behind-the-scenes antics and provides a delightful break from the formality of the coronation.

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