Gypsy Rose Blanchard Opens Up About Life After Prison and New Lifetime Show

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Opens Up About Life After Prison and New Lifetime Show

Gypsy Rose Blanchard helped kill her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard. Now, she faces online judgment. After leaving prison, the 32-year-old has faced heavy scrutiny on social media.

In an interview with E! News’ Keltie Knight, Gypsy Rose shared her struggles. “I have struggled the last five months to kind of figure out, like, what do you want from me?” she said. “I am trying to be put together, but then I’m trying to have my freedom. And I feel like there was no grace for me right now—trying to figure out who I am, trying to figure out the little missteps and mistakes, and learning from them—from the public eye. And so, navigating that has been damn near impossible.”

Despite the criticism, Gypsy is focusing on being her authentic self. “The only thing I can do is be my authentic self,” she continued. “I kind of raised my hands up and said, ‘You know what? I’m tired of trying to fit myself into a box to appease you. I’m gonna be myself. And if you like me, great. If you don’t, well, I don’t know you anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.”

Major Changes and New Beginnings

Since completing her sentence, Gypsy Rose has made significant changes in her life. She temporarily deleted her social media accounts, underwent rhinoplasty, and filed for divorce from her husband, Ryan Anderson. She has since rekindled her romance with former fiancé Ken Urker.

Her new chapter will be featured in the upcoming Lifetime series “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up,” premiering June 3. “I think that viewers will see my life from the moment that I got out of prison to currently,” Gypsy explained. “And I think that people will see everything in a long, broader format because I think people have gotten snippets of what my life has been like for these last five months—here and there on social media, here and there in articles—but to actually be in the room and the fly on the wall that gets to see the actual events behind these articles that they’ve read about and actually see it play out without any discrepancies or any confusion that they might have about a certain topic of what happened.”

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Embracing a Simple Life

Gypsy Rose’s first Lifetime special, “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard,” aimed to show the public who she truly is beyond the headlines. She now hopes her new series will help people understand her better.

Gypsy is also planning for a future away from the spotlight. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she revealed her humble ambitions. “Part of me is like, maybe I should just go work at McDonald’s. I love those French fries!” she said. “I don’t know. But I do like retail, too. Maybe something at the mall, like makeup or Sephora or something. I love makeup.”

Gypsy aims for a simple, 9-5 job and a normal life, though she acknowledges she needs to get her driver’s license first. While some online criticized her comments, others empathized and supported her desire for normalcy. “She just wants to feel normal and maybe for her that is what normal is,” one commenter noted. Another added, “I’m happy she is able to make these decisions for herself living a normal life.”


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Facing the Future with Optimism

Despite the challenges, Gypsy remains optimistic. “Now, I’m getting to the point where I feel like I’ve done that,” she said about sharing her story. “I feel like I put my best foot forward with this. And what the public takes from that, I hope it’s positive. And that’s really all I can do.”

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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