Has Queen Elizabeth been tested?

Has Queen Elizabeth been tested?

Royal observers are concerned about the possibility that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have contracted the coronavirus following the positive results of Prince Charles’ tests. The royals have just confirmed that Prince Charles, 71, has contracted COVID-19 and is now in quarantine. As Prince Charles recently appeared in public with Harry and Meghan, fans are wondering if they too are at risk.

Has Queen Elizabeth been tested?

With Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the same room one day before it was contagious, the royal experts believe Her Majesty should be tested, just in case.

According to Express, the royal expert Sarah Campbell has raised the question of whether Queen Elizabeth has been put to the test, especially considering that she is 90 years old. If Her Majesty has contracted the disease, there is a high probability she will suffer serious side effects.

“This raises the question whether the Queen has been tested,” said Campbell. “The statement on Prince Charles has just been made and we expect more details on it.”

The royal family has taken precautions against the coronavirus. Last week the royals canceled several events and are expected to cancel others unless the pandemic takes a major turn for the good.

Queen Elizabeth has also left Buckingham Palace, as she is currently staying at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip. The two no longer accept the public and are expected to remain out of the public for several weeks.

Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that Carlo tested positive at COVID-19. The royals do not know how Prince Charles contracted the virus, mainly because of the number of people he has come into contact with in recent weeks.

While Prince Charles is in the early stages of the virus, the Palace has assured royal observers that he is in self isolation and that he is well. The Prince of Wales is currently in Birkhall, where he is expected to remain for several weeks.

Exactly when a person becomes contagious he remains uncertain, but doctors believe that Prince Charles may have transmitted the virus as early as 13 March. According to Express, this is one day after Prince Charles’ visit to Queen Elizabeth.

“The most prudent estimate of the doctors is that the prince has probably been contagious since about 13 March – the day after his last official public engagement,” said the royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills.

This timeline has raised concerns about other members of the royal family who may have come into contact with Charles. His wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, tested negative for the coronavirus and is moving away from him.

When was Prince Charles’ last public engagement?

The last time Prince Charles participated in a public engagement was on March 12. The Prince of Wales was present for a dinner at Mansion House in support of a charity.

At one point, before the dinner, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth held a private meeting at Buckingham Palace. It is not clear what the two discussed, but this puts Charles and Her Majesty in the same room one day before the doctors believed it was contagious.

The doctors are not 100% positive when Prince Charles may have been contagious, and we still do not know if he and Queen Elizabeth had physical contact. Charles has avoided handshakes in recent weeks, so it’s likely they’ve observed social distancing measures.

Prince Charles has reportedly been in contact with his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who have been very supportive. Harry, of course, is currently in Canada with his wife, Meghan Markle, and son, Archie Harrison.

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