How Liv Bentley is Redefining Luxury in the CBD Market

How Liv Bentley is Redefining Luxury in the CBD Market

Olivia Bentley, widely recognized from the popular E4 series “Made in Chelsea,” has transcended her TV fame to establish a thriving venture in the world of wellness and self-care. Recently featured in “Made in Chelsea: Sydney,” Liv shared insights into her successful business, JOMO London, a brand dedicated to promoting empowerment through CBD-infused products.

Award-Winning JOMO London: How Liv Bentley is Redefining Luxury in the CBD Market

The inception of JOMO London, standing for ‘Joy of Missing Out,’ was a step towards encouraging self-care and relaxation, a philosophy that resonates deeply with Liv. Launched in 2021, alongside celebrity make-up artist Bella Campbell, the brand symbolizes a luxurious approach to CBD products, addressing a gap in the market for high-end, natural options. Their offerings, ranging from massage oils to intimate serums, are designed to alleviate anxiety and enhance personal well-being.

The philosophy of JOMO London aligns with the contemporary ethos of embracing personal time and self-care. Their products, crafted with all-natural ingredients, aim to provide a holistic approach to managing anxiety, pain, and mental well-being. This commitment to quality and efficacy has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by an award from The Independent, along with the Top Sante Beauty Award for the best body oil.

Liv Bentley’s Path to Launching JOMO London

Liv Bentley’s journey to founding JOMO London is deeply personal. Her teenage years were marred by struggles with hair loss, a challenge that initially brought feelings of embarrassment and insecurity. However, her decision to speak openly about her experience transformed her personal ordeal into a catalyst for change. By sharing her story, she realized the prevalence of such issues and the importance of honest conversation in breaking societal taboos.

This personal journey has been a driving force behind Liv’s business ethos. She and her co-founder aim to use JOMO London as a platform to encourage open dialogue about personal challenges and to ensure that no one feels isolated in their struggles. Their mission extends beyond mere product sales; it’s about fostering a community of support and understanding.

Liv Bentley’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen were on full display during the third episode of “Made in Chelsea: Sydney,” where she discussed her venture with Lachlan McLean, a newcomer to the show. Her story is not just about a successful business; it’s about resilience, overcoming personal challenges, and using those experiences to empower others.

JOMO London, exclusively available on their official website, reflects the high standards set by its founders. Their flagship CBD oil, priced at £48, boasts the highest strength of the amino acid L’Argenine available in the UK. The brand’s commitment to quality is mirrored in their discreet delivery service, ensuring customer privacy and satisfaction.

Olivia Bentley’s success story transcends her involvement in “Made in Chelsea.” Coming from a family with a history of entrepreneurial success, Liv has carved her own path in the business world. Despite controversies surrounding her family’s connection to the Bentley Motors legacy, Liv’s achievements stand independently, showcasing her skills as a businesswoman and reality TV star.

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