Is It Cake? Netflix’s Quirky New Baking Competition Takes Reality TV to the Next Level

Is It Cake? Netflix's Quirky New Baking Competition Takes Reality TV to the Next Level

Netflix is taking the world of baking reality shows to the next level with their latest addition, Is It Cake?. Inspired by popular memes, this quirky competition summons bakers from across the country to recreate replicas of anything ranging from burgers to sewing machines, solely made of cake. With a panel of experts including celebrities and food critics, contestants have the opportunity to win up to $10,000.

Is It Cake? Meet the Host: Mikey Day

The host of the show, Mikey Day, is a California-based actor, writer, and producer with a career spanning over 20 years. His most recognizable roles include his work on improv comedy and game show Wild’n Out and late-night sketch comedy Saturday Night Live (SNL). During his time on SNL, he performed numerous celebrity impressions and received two Primetime Emmy nominations for his writing.

Is It Cake? The Competition

To start, the contestants compete against each other to identify the dessert among decoys, with the three fastest locking in the correct answer advancing to the next round, where they’ll bake for the judges. The chefs choose which item they want to recreate and win $5,000 if they correctly fool the experts. The winner then goes to another round where they can earn another $5,000 if they identify another cake next to the actual item.

Is It Cake? The Judges

The judges include a diverse range of celebrities, comedians, and food critics, including Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, singer Rebecca Black, comedians Loni Love and Fortune Feimster, Netflix romantic comedy series Love actor Chris Witaske, YouTuber and food critic Daym Drops, chef and reality show Food to Get You Laid host Ronnie Woo, and actor Finesse Mitchell. If the contestants are able to fool the judges, they have the opportunity to win up to $10,000.

Is It Cake? The Show’s Unique Twist

Is It Cake? takes the concept of a baking competition to new heights by challenging contestants to recreate everyday items and food using only cake. With the help of the show’s panel of experts, viewers are sure to be entertained as they try to guess which items are real and which are made of cake.

Is It Cake? Don’t Miss Out

If you’re a fan of baking shows, Is It Cake? is sure to be a must-watch. With Mikey Day’s humor and the panel of judges’ expertise, this quirky reality competition is guaranteed to bring laughter and entertainment to your screens. Tune in to Netflix to catch all the action!

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