Kelly Clarkson Faces A Major Setback

Kelly Clarkson Faces A Major Setback

Kelly Clarkson has no interest in sharing her hard-earned money with Brandon Blackstock. The former couple continues to battle it out in court. Brandon and Kelly Clarkson have reached an agreement for their ranch in Montana. However, she is not interested in settling with her ex-husband when it comes to his money. The Voice’s trainer doesn’t want to play at sharing. She just wants to see an end to this ongoing divorce battle. In June 2020, Kelly filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. He cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation.

Kelly Clarkson Faces A Major Setback

The reason Kelly Clarkson is fighting is that she has been dealt a major blow in their legal battle. While she was allowed to be the sole owner of the $10.4 million ranch, she had to share 5% of the marital property with him. The court had originally held that Kelly was the sole owner since she purchased it in 2019. During the virtual hearing on November 11, 2021, she told the court that her ex-husband refused to vacate the property. Brandon argued that he could not afford a new home. He left Hollywood to become a full-time rancher and hoped to use the property to start his career. However, Kelly Clarkson believes that she needs to move on with her life, starting with the move.

The judge ruled that Brandon should not be evicted from the premises. This led to a major setback for the singer. Brandon has been living on the property ever since. Kelly Clarkson is not happy with the court’s decision. She is the owner of the ranch. She wants to have full control of the property so she can sell it.

The “Miss Independent” singer had already sold her other marital properties. Brandon decided to leave show business after their separation. The two are also in dispute over their working relationship. Both Kelly and Brandon have filed a lawsuit against his former talent agency, Starstruck Entertainment.

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