KUWTK: Pete Davidson Said The Relationship Is ‘Going Great’ And That They Are ‘Very Happy’

KUWTK: Pete Davidson Said The Relationship Is 'Going Great' And That They Are 'very Happy'

Despite Kim Kardashian’s current divorce drama, Pete Davidson confirms that he and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star are “very happy” together. Pete Davidson recently visited the University of Rochester for a paid speech where he offered some life advice and cracked a few jokes.

Since this was a college audience, students were eager to hear Pete Davidson make mention of his very famous girlfriend Kim Kardashian. In between keeping things private and giving the crowd what they wanted, Pete shared an update on his relationship with the billionaire reality star.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are still going strong despite their relationship being mostly out of the public eye at the moment. Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, has ignited a bitter social media feud with her for all to see. In turn, Kim Kardashian seems to be avoiding public appearances with Pete for the time being.

The duo started 2022 on a high note and have already enjoyed their first romantic getaway together. Soon after, Kanye West started attacking Kim and Pete with a diss song. He then focused on Kim in his recent social media tirades. With Pete being Kim’s current love interest, the Saturday Night Live star is getting extra attention from the media and fans as a result.

Sources recently revealed that Kanye West has been going around trying to spread rumors that Pete has AIDS. While Kanye’s sources have denied the reports, insiders for Pete have confirmed that they have heard the rumors and mutual friends have tried to put them to rest. As Kanye is a very successful rapper and fashion designer, his international fanbase is very deep.

As a result, Pete knows that he will be subject to public criticism from Kanye West’s fans because of his dating Kim Kardashian. There have been instances where Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been laughed at by Kanye’s fans during their public dates. All the criticism could also be the reason why they are keeping their relationship under wraps.

Kanye West is not making it easy for Kim Kardashian to move on. According to Pete, however, things are going well for the budding couple. While Kim Kardashian is trying to move on with her life, it still doesn’t seem like Kanye is ready to accept this new reality. He bought a house right across the street from Kim and their kids, and he hasn’t stopped badmouthing Kim on social media. Kanye is giving the Keeping Up With The Kardashians family a lot of free material that they could include in their new show on Hulu, but fans would probably rather see Kim happy with Pete.

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